• Seeking black women leaders to change the face of power

    Career Advancement & Authenticity, With Less Struggle And More Support

  • Why I'm doing this


    Black women are up against it.

    While we have made great strides in the corporate world, change remains slow. Many of us take one step forward only to encounter systemic hurdles that take us two steps back. Progress will continue to be slow as black women individually—in different companies — attempt to climb the corporate ladder your own. 


    Unless we join forces. 



  • Women don't score prestigious leadership positions at nearly the same rate, even when they have the same qualifications as their male counterparts.


    It's possible to increase your own power base and help you to really have a voice. Won't it be great to have a smoother passage to the seat of power? Not having to do as much "acting", which drains energy and makes you unhappy? 


    Research from Notre Dame has shown both women and men achieve higher-level job positions when they have many connections in their network. But women need something extra to get to executive positions with the highest levels of authority and compensation: an inner circle of close ties with other women.


    Women who have BOTH many connections AND a female-dominated inner circle have an expected job placement level that is 2.5 times greater than women with few connections and a male-dominated inner circle. 


    We can't keep working individually to be successful. We need the power of the hive. 

    Join Us!
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  • Is this you?


    It's For The Black Woman Who...


    Aspires to get promoted to an executive position.

    Is usually the only black woman in the room.

    Feels that she can't be her true self in the office or risk being seen as unprofessional. 

    Has issues resonating with the people who can positively influence her career.

    Would like to know how to go about finding sponsors who can help her advance her career.

    Doesn't feel supported on the job.

    Is someone who cares deeply about the issues affecting the black community 

    Has dreams of generational wealth.

  • The Vision

    Activity Book (2023)

    You will be asked to read the book and do the activities with a partner, preferably another black woman (your first ally!). Together, you will swap experiences and push each other to level up. If you don’t have a partner, there will be a sign up button on this website.  

    Experiments IRL

    Blockchain technology, Web 3.0, decentralization and even the Pandemic. All drivers of change. The blockchain has the potential to close the gender gap. So that's the best place to learn the skills necessary to make it in both worlds. 


    If you want to advance in your career, you will always need trustful persuasiveness. You need to convince people to trust you in what you say. You may be very honest, very generous, very authentic, but people just don’t trust you. Or they trust you, but they aren’t persuaded by you. You’re just the nice lady that people like. For you to be effective in your game, have trustful persuasiveness. Even if you're good at your job, it won’t matter if it doesn't get you the promotion you want.


    Share tacit knowledge and gender-specific information about employers and opportunities with each other, as well as new connections important for your job market success. You can’t become successful by yourself in life. Everything, every dollar you earn, is given by someone else. If it's just you, there is very little you can accomplish. It’s a collaborative effort of lots of people. Here you will find black women with the same passion to climb the career ladder and complementary skills. 
  • Get on the launch list.

    For weekly tips on how to find your own unique circle of allies

  • About Me:

    My name is Phaedra Romney, an island girl living in the Netherlands. I have a background in sales, mainly selling intangible goods. That made me quite proficient in persuasion and influence. I spent years learning this craft and now it’s time to teach it to others.

    I have a keen interest in creator economies and feminine leadership. I'm on a mission to help increase the percentage of women professionals in senior management so we can stand up and take our rightful place as the business leaders of the 21st century.

    Ally In Your Corner

    You are not in this alone

    My vision ties in with the fact that (black) women continue to bear the brunt of the unpleasantness in the workplace. I want us to focus on the future while building on our strengths.